Event Horizon- Brainless

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Origin:  New Orleans, LA


Genres:  Progressive Metalcore


Years Active:  2017- present


Label:  None



Lineup: Gary Smiley, Jarrad Hebert, Brennan Wynn, Andy Gaudet, Ricky Morales


New album is ready for official tracking.


Hailing from New Orleans, LA. the progressive metal heavyweight Event Horizon, was formed in January 2017 by founding members Ricky Morales, Brennan Wynn, Jarrad Hebert, and Gary Smiley. In just under two years, the group has erupted out of their local music scene and into the eyes of many within the region. In their brief time as a band, Event Horizon has sold out the House Of Blues in New Orleans, and headlined many large local shows including an out of state festival. The 5-piece outfit tends to delve lyrically into the dark aspects of technology as well as trans humanist tech. Inspired by popular films and games such as Black Mirror, Deus Ex, Dead Space, and Philip K Dick. Above all, the group strives to write catchy riffs combined with complex syncopation and poly-rhythms. As of 2018, the group has released one EP titled S.O.S in 2017 and one single titled Cyclical Design in 2018.



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Unreleased Music

Label: None


Management: Jasmine Jones 


Booking: Ricky Morales | Ricky@ehofficial,com


PR: Ricky Morales |



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Music and Videos



Event Horizon is a progressive metalcore band from New Orleans for fans of bands like Northlane and Erra. These guys are incredible musicians and it shows in the songwriting in this release. Every element of the band goes so well with one another. The lead guitar parts are catchy and atmospheric and really help nail down the space theme the band has. The play between the harsh vocals and the cleans sounds natural and just right. This is definitely a release that you should listen to from front to back in one sitting.

Event Horizon are a force to be reckoned with and the immense gravity of their sound might just pull you in! Their weapon of choice is a modern Progressive Metalcore sound. So, if you enjoy the talents of contemporaries along the lines of After The Burial and ERRA, this is most definitely a band you should be paying attention to!

Notable Past Shows

Feb23 2019- Ventruss EP release- 400 in attendance.

Nov 23 2018-  Playing For The Panhandle Festival $1683 raised for victims of hurricane Micheal

Aug 25 2018- Headlined Coldcock Fest in SATX

aug 17 2018- NOLA ROCKS (all local) 500+ in attendance (2nd most ticket turns ins)

Aug 4 2018- Frets for Pets Festival

Apr 27 2018- GIH BOTB- 200 in attendance

Mar3 2018- Boxer and the Barrel- 140 in attendance

Feb24 2018- 524 Studio (Lorna Shore & Signs of the Swarm)

​Jan5 2018 -Twist of lime (new year party) 107 in attendance

Dec12 2017- Southport hall (EP release) 250 in attendance

Apr15 2017- Debut- 120 in attendance