Thank you

Thank you for being a fan, for being curious, for listening, for hating, for telling your friends about us, for talking about us, for coming to shows. Thank you for everything. It is exactly people like you we continue to do what we do. None of what we do, what we have learned or even accomplished would be possible without your support.

We would also like to thank a few people from behind the scenes, Zack Keel for giving us the knowledge to be better, Jordan Scott for making us always look our best, Jorge and Candice Crespo, for your undying support and amazing videography, Jordan Madere for making us the best art we could ever ask for, Ola and Louise Englund for giving us the opportunity to join the Solar Guitars team, Alex Kovacs for believing in us and helping us get our first signature pickups, Cory Jensen for letting us join the Black Harbor Sound team, Sam Ard for giving us the shows that have helped us grow massively, Mark Bagnetto for allowing us to host a multitude of events at Southport Hall, Jeremy Davis for helping fund our ep and making our first release possible, Jenna Jacob for her undying support, Anthony Cusimano, Iris Jastal, Brian and Charlotte Wynn, Gary smiley sr, and so many more.

Thank you.

For everything.